Why Enzyme Venture Capital?

A straightforward and honest dealmaking and negotiation process. We believe in keeping interests aligned. During the negotiation process, we prefer to give a fast no rather than a slow yes.

Active involvement in the structuring of the venture and the design of a management team that can drive ideas forward. Constant overseeing from a board of directors standpoint.

Deep knowledge in technology, internet, media and green tech, based on 50+ years of combined experience in building projects, investing, managing resources and providing business advice.

Leverage network of contacts in the region and in developed markets that enable us to fully exploit the potential of the venture. These contacts can catalyze the growth of the business in one or more areas such as sales, technology, product design and development, marketing and finance.

Established presence in the U.S. with an office, sales and marketing resources and partnerships with other VC firms in order to jointly invest in opportunities and engage in investments beyond Latin America.